Hearth extension confusion

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New Member
Mar 2, 2023

I live in Canada. I quite well udnerstand the 'Ember protection' requirements.

I'm having a bit of difficulty with the 'Fireplace hearth' requirement. I attached a pic from the manual, stating it needs to extend 16" in front..... my hearth extends 13" and is elevated.

My question is will placing tiles or a stone on the ground in front that meets 16" requirement work, or, is the actual stone the insert sits on needs to be 16" out?

I'm a bit unsure how to proceed and can use some clarification on the requirement and ideas how to meet it.


**Note: the blue highlighted area in the 2nd picture is to meet ember protection, not the hearth extension. Sorry if it caused further confusion.

Hearth extension confusionHearth extension confusion
With a 9" drop, ember protection only at the floor level may be sufficient unless the manual specifies something different. What insert is this for?
You will be fine with your plan.
I agree -- I think the 5" drop will be fine. But,.... if I were you I'd call your insurance company and explain your plan and have them write it into your policy. Send them a pic of the final product so you have some liability on their side. Or if you want to just be safe... buy a bigger pad and tuck it under your rug. Looks like that will give you easily 18"+ non burnable.

If I recall correct, Canada has a little stricter laws than the US about hearth requirements.