Hearth Extension question

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Jan 18, 2024
I recently purchased this house with Napoleon 1402 insert. The inspector said I should add a hearth extension for safety, which I agree. Looking at continuing the concrete that is there with some sort of stone or paver. I plan on placing the extension 16" out from the face and 8" past the sides of the box. It will be placed over the wood flooring. I have read that I should place some fire rated materials beneath the stone to get the R value up to .80 . Also will be using a fire rated caulk for any joint. I have included a pic of the fireplace and specs from manual.

Can I just place this directly on the wood floor without permanently affixing it? Anything I forgot?

Hearth Extension question

From the manual.
1705608193250.png Hearth Extension question
@begreen Thanks, I have seen those, but I plan on trying to match the concrete that is there. The fancier one might be okay but looks like the darker grey is out of stock.
These were just examples. There are several manufacturers, just be sure it has at least an R=1.1 rating.
Hearth Classics has been making them for a long time.