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    I have just bought a home in the Morro Bay Area in Calif. My question O' Webmaster is this:

    What do you thin of Hearth Classics by Yoder's? They specialize in hearth pads. I'm sure you know to what I'm referring to. A contractor that I am not to familiar with said that it replaces the flagstone or river rock veneer I was thinking about, said it was way less expensive and that you can't tell it isn't the real thing. What do you think? Is there another vendor who sells this if you do like it so I could compare prices? What do you think about Tempco TFC series flush face fireplaces mainly the TFC36-3 with CLS-2 glass doors?


    The Hearth Pads are great. You have to have a nice stable and flat surface to mount them on or they can crack. They are difficult to pack and ship so you might not have the choice of many vendors...very few make them. Temco are fine..this is a regular pre-fab fireplace, NOT designed for heating a room or home. I sold them for years and they worked well - no problems.
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