Hearthstone Castleton vs Lopi Evergreen

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New Member
Nov 16, 2021
I am brand new to woodstoves so I don't have alot of knowledge as to what I should get for my first stove. The reason I am getting one is do to current prices of propane and prices most likely going up and unknown circumstances of a possible electric outage. I live in Minnesota where we get very fridged temperatures at times so I need something that will have no problem heating my home.

I really like the Hearthstone Castleton but I'm not sure the firebox is big enough when trying to heat my drafty 100 year old house. Even though I will only be heating about 700 square feet. And I don't really know what to think of the new catalist (I may be spelling that wrong) things they have in the new stoves now which has me leaning towards a Lopi Evergreen. The Lopi has a 2.2 cubic foot fire box vs a 1.9 that the Hearthstone has and the Lopi to my understanding does not have the catalist. I also would want an overnight burn and not sure the Hearthstone Castleton could achieve that with such a small firebox?? What do you guys think I should get? Thanks!