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    Dear hearth folks,I am searching for a heat distribution fan that we could install in the floor/ceiling system between two rooms. We heat with wood and the upstairs room gets so hot we keep a window open and the room below it stays so cold we have to supplement its heat with an electric heater (seems crazy). We want to blow (or push) the extra heat from the upstairs room down to the cold room. I picture a squirrel cage type fan with grates on either side and hopefully fins that drop down when it isn't running to minimize the loss of privacy between the two rooms.


    It is VERY difficult to push heat down. Since hot air likes to rise, it is working against physics to try to do so.

    There have been some fans made to do this...and there also may be some ways to create your own. Last I checked, the makers of these in our industry no longer produced them, but I've seen Nutone and other electrical companies producing room to room models which may work.

    Another option might be to use a kitchen-type exhaust fan to suck air off the ceiling in the upstairs room and then duct it (these fans have a 6" duct off of them) down to the other room. Of course, you have to have a closet or some other way to get the pipe down to the room below.
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