Heat n Glo CBS-41 Wood Burning Fireplace

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Sparky III

New Member
Jan 4, 2018
Installed in 1993, I am looking for a replacement part:
I really have been satisfied with this zero-clearance wood burner. Have had to replace door gaskets once and the dual squirrel cage fan is still working - but being a bit noisier now after 24 years of wintertime running.
Am looking for the air manifold (somewhat of an “H-shaped” configuration) that fits right under the stone polygon, located at the top of the burn compartment. These secondary air intake tubes (with air holes) in this manifold have oxidized and fallen apart. The users manual doesn't really identify any replacement parts, which is probably the reason why I can't find this particular part anywhere. Do you think there is someone who could fabricate this part? I am still using it with the primary air coming in from the outside and washing over the inside of the glass doors...would just like to get it somewhat back to its original functioning.
Any input would be appreciated.
I have same unit heat n glow cbs 41 im missing I believe top refractory panel inside above secondary
Manifold can you please send me a pic of top
Inside firebox so I can see what I’m needing