Heat N Glo SL-750TR-IPI-E troubleshooting

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New Member
Feb 1, 2022
Fulshear, TX
Some help please. Our unit is not operating with the remote so we removed the front cover and started using the manual switch underneath the unit. The problem is that when we switch the unit from off, the unit immediately fires up, even in the remote position, without even using the remote. We have replaced the remote control battery and we have no wall switch. Any ideas why it’s doing that? We want to be able to use the remote rather than having to remove the front cover to turn the unit on.

Heat N Glo SL-750TR-IPI-E  troubleshooting Heat N Glo SL-750TR-IPI-E  troubleshooting
Are there batteries in the receiver?
Have you tried to "re-learn" (re-tune)
the receiver to the transmitter?
Yes, I’ve tried doing the “re-learn”. Same thing happens. I turn the switch from off to remote and the fireplace lights up without pressing the remote.