Heat N Glow North Star Wood Burner

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Dec 2, 2008
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What's the condition of your firebrick on the floor of the unit? The blower cavity shouldn't be getting warm enough to damage the blowers...


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Jan 17, 2014
Funny you should mention that - I've got a northstar that I'm having lots of trouble with the blowers on. I barely get any air, they're really loud, and I get a sympathetic, metallic rattle when the stove is heating up or cooling down. I've got a guy coming out on Feb 10th to deal with it, but if you figure something out, drop a line!

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Jan 28, 2014
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The fire bricks are in fine working order. I also keep the area under the fire floor clean. I'm having a blower place put steel blower wheels on my blower fan. Hope that fixes it.
David: The metallic sound is that the blower housing is hitting the steel pale that is needed to direct the air up and around your fire place. I had the same problem and I bent the steel plate back enough for the fans. I think that this plate expands when it gets hot.
I find the bearings in these fans go out. I replaced the bearings in mine off-season, I took them apart, measured the bearings and ordered replacements from McMaster Carr. $15 IIRC. Far better than buying a whole new fan assembly from Hearth &Home, if you unit is out of warranty. I've never had an issue with melting blades. Just noisy, from bad bearings.
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