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begreen Posted By begreen, Jul 16, 2006 at 4:57 PM

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    sorry for not getting back sooner I got into another what da --- inspections I should post that one worst part its so bizzar you couldn't make them up.

    Age ? 92% is not that bad not enough to justify buying to achiece 3 or 4% again age factor?

    I run two wood stoves. My main level is open to the kitchen, dinning room, and living room. An open set of stairs exits very near the main wood stove to my upstairs bedrooms. With the help of box fans, I can get the rear farthest bedroom up to 66 drgrees. I have another open set of staire from my kitchen leading to my familly room. In the family room is the second VC Intrepid ii cat stove. I have increased it usage to also 24/7. Some heat from the main stove does go up the stairway to the familly room. Here is where heating dymanics come into play. If I heat my familly room warmer that the main level, it enhances that level heat and directs more heat to my bedrooms. Hot air rises, If the air in my familly room is warmer, the main stove heat will not be drawn to heat the familly room ,more to heat the rest of my house.

    Apply this thinking to your home. Hot air rises and your upstairs bedrooms are coolest. What if they could be made warmer? That would allow your current wood stove to heat your larger first level better and less intervention of that main existing burner?

    Have you looked at it in these terms? Maybe you would best served by installing another separate system in your attic that covers the second floor.leaving the wood stove and main burner to just that level. Another factor as I try to think threw you situation, is any heat to you second floor is the farthest from the burner, least amount getting to the occupied space. There is transmission loss. Another factor you made no mention of second floor bedrooms returns bedroom doors closed no returns. supply = returns?

    Another variation of this would to employ a zone damper off your existing setup, just for the second floor. I think the transmission lenght still presents issues and the need to return becomes more of an issue. Im just thinking about the most effecient vs money spent approach. BEgreen what do you think?
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