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    I have a wood burning Heatilator, model HB36A1. We use the fireplace for supplemental heat approximately five hours a day. The amount of heat from this fireplace is barely sufficient for our needs. I would like to install vent free gas logs, but Heatilator indicates that only vented logs can be used in this enclosure. Are there any modifications or adapters that I can use that will allow me to use nonvented or partially vented gas logs in this enclosure or any other way to increase its heat output? If I do convert to a vented gas log, will I receive more heat than obtained from a wood fire?


    As you have found out, regular pre-fab wood burning fireplaces are not designed for heat. Either are most vented gas logs...for that matter, even vent free logs are not made to use for more than a few hours a day (at most).

    1. One set of partial vented logs, called the SmartFire (by Monesson) does a good job of throwing heat into the room.

    2. Vent-Free - The approvals on the vent free set you purchase may override the fact that Heatilator does not like Vent-free in their units. Call the manufacturer of the particular gas logs that you choose.

    3. A vented gas fireplace insert will produce heat and can be used for much longer periods.
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