Heatilator eco-choice PS35 - Good stove?

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New Member
Oct 31, 2020
Eastern Canada
Hey guys,

I am looking at having a pellet stove installed in my ~600sqft finished basement.

The stove will only be to heat the basement and there is electric baseboard as backup.

Do you consider this a good choice? I went to my local retailer and it was basically the cheapest one they sell but I noticed costco has stoves for cheaper.



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Sep 14, 2014
It is a good stove. The Santa Fe is also a good little work horse. Stay warm. kap
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Oct 31, 2007
South Central PA
Just had one installed today. QuadraFire name is branded on the outside. Can't recall what the dealer said, if they're moving to the Heatilator name or keeping the QuadraFire name. Don't care really, not a brand snob.

I'm amazed by how quiet it is. My ex brother in law has a pellet stove in his basement and when it fired, you had to turn up the TV. The PS35 isn't much louder than the dishwasher.

We haven't even burned a full bag of pellets yet, but it's in our four seasons room which has full glass on 3 walls, and it's pleasant now in that room.


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Feb 7, 2010
S.E. Michigan
They are all good so long as you maintain them (like anything else). It's the 'plug and play' concept that gets people in trouble. None of them are plug and play other than plugging them into an outlet.