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    I have a Heatilator wood-burning fireplace (HB36A or HB36AI, not sure which), stone hearth, double pipe chimney surrounded by wood frame and cedar siding. I want to put gas logs in the heatilator, preferably vent free. I have heard that Heatilator does not recommend using unvented gas logs in their fireplace. In an answer to a similar question on this web site, you said to call the manufacturer of the gas logs. I would like to know which logs I can use BEFORE I buy them. Do you know which logs can be used UNVENTED with a heatiltor?


    Vent Free Logs are approved to use in ANY woodburning fireplace. Healilator does not sell, endorse or like vent free logs so they do not recomend them in their fireplaces. However, the logs are still tested and approved by the labs to use in ANY wood burning fireplace.

    Bottom line: If the fireplace size and specs match those shown in the Vent Free logs set, then it is safe to install them.
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