Heatilator GDST36 See Through Questions

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Dec 10, 2020
Kansas City
I moved into a house with a see through Heatilator GDST36 gas direct vent fireplace. It is positioned between our living room with vaulted ceiling and master bedroom. It rarely gets used as once turned on it disproportionately heats the bedroom vs living room making it uncomfortable to go to bed in the evenings. The fireplace has vents on both sides to above the unit. I have bought (4) 3" fans that I plan to mount on the living room side at the top to draw heat from above the unit out to the living room side. I am additionally thinking of getting a heat blanket to put on the bedroom side a few inches off of the glass to try to block heat from entering the bedroom. My hope is that with the fans I would pull air from below the blanket up next to the glass on the bedroom side across the top and out into the living room. Is there any concern with this approach?

Additionally, I am planning on replacing the logs with tumbled lava rocks (3/4"-1.5") as I wasn't happy with how much of the flame the logs actually blocked from view. I was wondering if there are any concerns or areas that I should avoid with the rocks?


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Dec 2, 2008
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Your unit was tested with a ceramic fiber log set & is not tested or rated for use with rocks.
Have you tried turning the flames down to minimize the heat output?
A heat blanket is a bad idea as it may cause the fire place to overheat.
Those fans are not a good idea either, since they are too close to the
fire place glass & will probably melt.