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rubicon1 Posted By rubicon1, Sep 16, 2008 at 3:54 PM

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    Hello Everyone!!

    I am going to be constructing a pole building within the next couple of months and was wondering what kind of heating methods some of you thought would be best for the application. I am going to section off a 32' X 60' area that I would like to heat in the winter. I have a woodstove/ add on furnace, that a friend of mine has offered me. I do not know what brand name it is but it is wood fired and has a copper coil in the top to heat a water based system that was previously hooked up to his LP water boiler for his home. Is there anyway that I could place the stove in the middle of the area and then run the hot water system through a couple hanging heat exchangers to separate rooms? Or with this being a pressurized system would there be no way to control the temp of the hot water?? If this stove would not work could you guys suggest a stove or add on furnace that would work with this application???

    Also, I was wanting to plan for installing a outdoor gasifier eventually and was wanting to run a 8" piece of PVC pipe through the foundation wall and then up through the slab of concrete so then when I switched over I would already have the hold and could do an easy installation. Would this work??? Or is the angle to steep to get the PEX pipe through? Any suggestions on getting the building ready so then I could add the pipe later??

    Thanks for all of your help!!

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