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    My friend is presently heating with a wood stove and he was considering buying a pellet stove to replace what he now uses. He is going to keep the old unit for a back-up but is wondering if it is more economical to use pellets instead of cut wood. The other question was is a good air-tight wood stove better than a pellet stove? Do you have any preference as to a brand or type of stove? The other thing that should be a consideration is he uses wood as a primary source of heat and our location is not a problem to obtain pellets or wood- and he would like to load the unit on a daily basis only.


    Depends on the cost of Pellets and wood in your area. One ton of Pellets is equal to one cord of pine...A cord of oak is probably equal to 1 1/2 tons of pellets. So- in many cases- the pellets will cost more.<p>
    A link to the HearthNet fuel cost calculator is below. This will allow you to compare the cost of all common fuels.<p>
    But it is true that you will not have to load the stove as often...once or twice every couple hours.As far as brands- there are a lot of good ones.... Check out the stoves on the products page at the link below.

    Link: Fuel Cost Calculator
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