*HELP*Greenfire (Regency) GFI55 trouble shooting help.

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Dec 12, 2022
Malden, MA
Hello all, first post.
I have been searching the forum for the problem I am having with no luck. I am a renter an do not have the owners manual for help. I have lived in this house for 3 years now and have use the stove in the pass, but never for full house heat until this winter with oil prices soaring.

I researched on the up keep an cleaning of the stove, which has all been done. Recently the stove keeps shutting off with the #3 heat selector flashing. It seems like its blowing too much air in even with the air trim all the way down an feed all the way up. Does it blow more air on start up then suppose to drop back down? I feel like I'm not hearing the exhaust fan kicking on after 5-10min. Could it be a faulty temp sensor or vacuum issue?

Please bare with my lack of knowledge, why I came here. Also the service guy can't get out for over a week.
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