Help!!!! Harman accentra 52i

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New Member
Mar 1, 2023
I have a Harman Accentra 52i from 2012. It is plugged into a serge protector. Last week when cleaning under the burn pot, I touched both of the ignitor wires (which were apparently bare and in need of replacing) together by accident, I had a spark and blew the 6A fuse. I got a new ignitor and a new 6A fuse, swapped them out. No issue, ignitor ignites pellets really fast!!!

However. Two issues now.
1) Now my stove when turned to off takes forever to turn off. I took out the ESP probe already and cleaned it. Still takes forever until I unplug it and it finally turns off.
2)Another weird thing is when I open the hopper to fill the stove, sometimes it will trip my circuit breaker and turn off the stove off.
Any help would be appreciated! New to the forum!