Help identifying an insert

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Nov 16, 2023
Hi All. Hope I'm doing it right.
I am renting a house that has this insert mounted in a fireplace.
I would really like to know more about it.
(ACME model 790 if I can read it right, but I can't find coherent information online)
Anyone familiar with this device?

The glass is missing. The door greatly constricts the size of visible flame. (The fire box opening is 16x9, the door opening is 13x6 or so. Half the area).
I plan to modify the door, and get a 16x9 window instead. I ordered a somewhat larger borosilicate window and a glass cutter.

There's a large stone chimney, located between the living room and the bedroom. There's a separate blower that clearly blows into a cavity between the flue and stone, and then into both rooms. Filters need cleaning but it seems to work fine.

The landlord doesn't know what's in there. The house has gas heat and that's what people have used before. I did have him get someone to sweep the flue.

I've never really owned or operated a wood burning stove before... Looking forward.

Oh - I scored some wood, I hope enough for the season.

Happy Thanksgiving all!


Help identifying an insert
Can you zoom the camera out a bit. It’s hard to see what you actually have there.
Is the stove hooked up to a steel liner?
The liner would be a pipe that connects to the stove top.
Ah. It's not visible from the outside. The firebox's ceiling(?);has a round hole that leads up. I'll have to take apart that front panel to see it, and those screws look iffy.
If you have safe access to the roof, that may give you some info (i.e. you see a pipe protruding out from the top of it.
Keep in mind that the set up looks pretty old and the chances of it being safe are questionable.
What would I be looking for? The chimney is very obvious, a big red brick affair. There's a crown and a spark arrestor.

The guy who swept it said ot looked ok...

I'm curious about that inlet box in the front - a choke of some kind? It has a small lever on it
I would be curious if the liner goes from the stove all the way to the top of the chimney.
From what I can tell, the circulation system is older than the insert, and it requires a double liner or a gap between the liner and the chimney. The exit duct for itis ceiling height, so the liner goes at least that high, which is more than halfway to the roof. I'll ask the sweeper whether he saw ot go all the way up.

My money is on "yes".
Hey good morning. Thanks for the help yesterday.

My remaining questions:
1. The insert appears to have a double wall. You cam see grills in front, boh bottom and top. Is that a natural convection heat exchanger
2. The inlet box at the bottom front - it has a lever amd some mechanism, but is riveted shut. How do I find out what the leve does? Does it require maintenance?
3. Any chance anyone knows how to find the product manual?
I’ll have to let the pros on here answer your last questions.
The manual may be online.