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Griny Posted By Griny, Feb 21, 2011 at 2:20 AM

  1. Griny

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    I have a Honda EM5000SX great generator until last week Monday when I needed it.
    I fired it up and it has a auto throttle on off setting and it was on usually when it fires up it right away senses that it doesn't need to run full throttle and idles down right away.
    But this time it kept on running at full throttle and noticed that it wasn't putting out any voltage... I checked the fuses, breakers anything else I could think off but nothing helped.
    I measured with my meter and it put out 2 volts at the 120 setting and about 5 at the 240 outlet.
    I started looking on the internet and asking at my work what to do next. They suggested to flash the field windings with a regular D battery. I thought oh well can't hurt so I figured out where the wires are and flashed them at full throttle, kinda nerve wrecking putting 2 wires in there with the engine running pretty fast lol but to my amazement it started to put out power and sure enough it slowed down to its idle like it should.
    After measuring the voltage my joy went to hell because now it was putting out at the 120 outlet 157 Volts at 55Hz and over 300 at the 240 outlet...
    Now there are a few things that can go bad on these gens but it's very pricey to find out what it really is? Buying a voltage regulator and come to figure out its a diode?
    So my question is with this information can anyone suggest what is bad?
    Generator number is EA7-1161074 link to honda pdf,
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    My guess is the AVR. Easy enough to replace. I had the same experience with high output voltage and the Champion Power Equipment company sent me a new AVR for free after diagnosing on the phone. There is no warranty on my genset either. Surely Honda has at least as good of customer service.

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