help picking something for next year.

payton Posted By payton, Jan 6, 2008 at 5:20 PM

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  1. mtfallsmikey

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    Nov 27, 2007
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    Get a HW coil for your forced air system like I'm doing and run HW baseboard. I currently have oil forced air heat, but grew up in a home with baseboard, you'll never go back!
  2. laynes69

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    As far as I see, those outdoor wood burners that are forced air are junk. Not saying they don't work, but you are heating cold air to get the house warm. Boilers are complex and most are costly, if you already had a hot water system they would work well. Also if the funds were there for it. An indoor forced air furnace is what we have. Its the same thing that tsc sells, only 20 years old. You can get bugs and mold, but common sense would tell you don't cut it and throw it in the house right away. As far as temperatures go, they can vary alot. The thing is eventually you get to know your furnace and learn how to control the load so you can keep the house at a fair temp. I will be looking in the next year or 2 to get a caddy, or a 1950 usstove wood furnace. Less wood, little to no smoke, and a series install. Dust can be a problem, but if you duct your furnace in series with the main furnace, you share the cold air and heat trunks. Which means filtered air. We have very little dust. Also by sharing your cold air and heat, you have even heat distribution through the whole house, and your heating lets say 70 degree air compared to the freezing air outside. Costs around 2500 if you have the chimney and the ductwork. I love our indoor wood furnace, and thats why I am going to upgrade eventually to take advantage of the cleaner burning technology. The epa furnaces are well built systems. There are alot of options out there, but I will say I love our system. No matter what you get they all will save you money on your heating. Some just would take longer to see a payback.
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