Help please! Breckwell Classic vs. Quadrafire Castille?

MainePellethead Posted By MainePellethead, Dec 23, 2007 at 1:26 PM

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    Dec 9, 2007
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    Hi. As some may know by certain posts....I have been researching etc the pellet stove way of warm heat. I am not heating a huge house. 1260 sq. ft. total but only 760 approx. on first floor. Upstairs we dont use all the time so much of time the doors are closed off. House is not relatively old(1986)...have brand new double hung tip out windows(3 yrs old.) So I do know that a stove of 1500 sq. ft. will do us just fine. I just wanted some input on these 2 stoves possible or even the companies that make them. The Breckwell classic "might" have a couple more features etc. plus it has BTU input of 42,000 and the Quadra Castille has an input BTU of 34, question there there alot of difference between those BTU's in relation to seeing a big difference in the heating output? I'd appreciate some experiences and info possible on these 2 stoves and/or companies that make them.
    And thanks again for this site....and thanks to hearthtools in oakhurst for providing a great service and to all the other stove shop owners or former ones for all the great info etc. Very good site here. We will be making a move immediately after any help is very much appreciated....thanks!
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