Help! Stove not blowing hot.

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Nov 20, 2022
Hey all. First time poster!
So we've had our stove a few months now, and I think something is wrong. As far as using it, we’ve done everything by the book but still having issues. For example, the top shelf plate never gets hotter than 125 and the air temp blowing out the fan is always between 125 and 140. It barely heats the room it’s in during the day, much less at night. We load the box up well, and when we open the door to add wood, it’s a blazing hot hell furnace, but none of that heat makes it out of the stove via the fan! Please help!
Help! Stove not blowing hot.
1) Alderlea T5 LE
2) The stove was bought new and professionally installed this year
3) The house is approx 3000sqft and was built in the 90s. There are some drafts, but it’s not terrible.
4) the stove is in the center of the main floor (open plan)
5) Moisture content of the wood is between 9 and 15%. Burning a combo of Oak, birch, poplar, pine, flowering pear, and sweet gum (basically all the different trees on our property) All seasoned for a year plus in preparation for getting this stove)
6) Chimney goes up two stories plus an attic.
7) Outside temp fluctuates between 25 at night and 50 during the day
8) Does your stove have an OAK [outside air kit]? I don’t know…

Thank you in advance. CB6983E7-BFC3-4A5E-B8B1-B3EA68EF8F72.jpeg
The top lid on the stove is a convection lid, it is not the actual stovetop, so the temperature will be lower. The blower temps reported are not bad, but based on the description of the flue system, I suspect that the liner must be about 30+ ft tall and that draft is too strong. If so, a lot of the heat is heading up the flue. The first step to slow things down would be to block off the boost air. With a very strong draft it is not needed.

Lastly, heating a 3000 sq ft space with a 2 cu ft stove is pushing it, especially when temps drop below a certain point. The heat loss of the house at some point will exceed the output of the stove.