Help with design for new build? We want to add a wood cookstove

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May 13, 2024
New Hampshire
Hello everyone! I am new here, so please forgive me if I am inadvertently making any forum faux pas.

My husband and I are building a custom timber-framed home in our farm in New Hampshire. We're hoping to build an efficient home, and are planning to go with heat pumps, triple pane windows, ERV/HRV, insulated concrete, etc. We love cooking and we love cabin vibes. We really want to have a wood cookstove in our kitchen. We are 99% decided on the Homewood Heritage. We also want to have an induction range for times when we aren't using the wood stove. The Homewood can also provide heat for domestic hot water. I'm envisioning us using the wood stove every day or nearly every day from October-April, so I love the idea of being able to use it for hot water as well as cooking. I've attached a picture of our plans and a rendering of what it might look like in the kitchen. We are doing a lot of the design ourselves, and I'm floundering a bit with the plan for the wood stove. Since we're in a fairly rural area and we are doing something very out of the box, I'm not sure where to turn for help with this.

We want the cook stove to be in the kitchen, because we want it to be convenient to cook on. The best placement seems to be where I have it, next to the induction range. We want them to look cohesive, so we were thinking of doing a range hood over both. Or maybe just an enclosure over both, with the hood liner just over the induction range. The kitchen is on the main floor and there is a loft above where the flue would exit, so the hood enclosure would be covering the flue. I also love the idea of having a warming shelf (from a non-combustible material, of course) above the woodstove to place bread for proofing, etc.

How could we do the range hood? Should we have an enclosure that spans over both the cookstove and the induction range with a liner that is just over the induction range? Or is that a bad idea with the flue there? I'm thinking maybe we could have something fabricated to line the portion of the hood that is over the cookstove. I don't really see a need for us to use the vent hood when we are using the wood cookstove, but even so, and because we are planning to build a tight house, should we plan to add makeup air? Where should that go? There is a basement, so it could possibly come through the floor under the wood stove.

Is there anything else I'm missing? I'd just love any feedback anyone has about our plan, things to think about, etc. Thank you!

Help with design for new build? We want to add a wood cookstove Help with design for new build? We want to add a wood cookstove
The main issue will be complying completely with code and safety requirements for the cookstove. Clearances must be honored. Ignore brochure pictures and images, stick with what is actually possible.
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are there cook stoves with an outside air kit?
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Nice looking stove. The 1.5 cu ft firebox should give you some good heat to go along with your heat pumps.
I wonder how a hood or enclosure would affect the circulation of heat from the stove.
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