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    I have bought an 1877 victorian home with three fireplaces. I'd like to install gas logs (natural gas) in each of the existing fireplaces. All the old chimneys have been sealed above the fireplace box opening with metal.

    I have explored restoring the flues and installing the vented gas log sets, however, the restoration of the flues is enormously expensive considering their age and condition.

    I'd like to pursue the vent-free gas log option. Can you please provide me some manufacturer's of the best looking vent-free log sets currently available. (One of the fireplaces is a double-sided fireplace.) And add some of your thoughts on the do's and don'ts for my situation?


    Given current codes, it is not legal to install vent free into these fireplaces. The manuals state "To be installed into any functional wood burning fireplace", meaning one with a full flue that can handle wood burning. There are many reasons for this, including the fact that the companies have no control over how you seal the flues and where you terminated the chimney. Perhaps your local building official will be able to certify these fireplaces. Another course of action would be to call a manufacturer of gas logs and discuss the situation with them. RH Peterson makes Vent-Free logs that are decent looking. They are also the largest and oldest maker. Give them a shot.
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