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    I recently built a new home and placed a direct vented gas heatilator fireplace on a north wall with sliding doors on both sides. My problem is the fireplace will not light by itself. We must dismantle the fireplace (remove the doors) and turn the switch on then place a match inside to get it to ignite and it will stay lit as long as we want. We have replaced the igniter twice and still have the problem. I would like to mention, sometimes it will ignite, but this is very few and far between. I really need some advice as at this point a wood burning stove would be less trouble.


    Mary..There is NO WAY that this is right. In fact, it is very dangerous for you to have to remove the glass to light it, as direct vents are very particular about the sealing of the doors.

    Since it is new, it is under warranty, and should work with no problems. It is not your job or my job to troubleshoot it. Run, don't walk to the dealer and tell them you want it to work correctly. If you do not get immediate satisfaction, then ask them who their factory rep (from heatilator) is..and contact them...
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