Help with Pellet Stove Install from a Novice

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Jan 3, 2020
Sandy Hook CT
Hi everyone -- I have spent the better part of a week reading posts and watching videos and I feel comfortable with my install for the most part, but I want to consult the experts back here before proceeding.

I have a free standing Quadra Fire Castille pellet stove. It was in the corner of our living room when we moved in (next to a wood burning fire place). We ended up getting a wood insert for the fireplace and moved the Castille downstairs. We now want to install it in our basement, which is about 6 feet below grade.

I've had two companies come out to give quotes and both have the same plan of attack -- come out the back of the stove and go straight up, then go out through a small window opening (which will be removed and replaced with either a metal plate or framed out and covered with dry wall). The pipe will go out the opening, and then back up a couple feet above the ground.

Both companies want over a grand for what seems to me like a pretty easy install. I still have the original vent pipe from the previous install (which was only a couple years old).

My plan would be to come out the back of the stove using a T connector with one end capped (for clean out purposes). Question 1: Should this be silicone'd?

I would then go up the six foot rise to a 90 degree connector, which would go connect to the piece of vent pipe I still have, which would go through the pass through in the now-removed window.

It would go into the window well, then back up several feet and terminate.

Question 2): The vent pipe I have is shaped essentially like an S (horizontal, then 90 degree, vertical, then 90 degree out). I would be adding another 90 degree onto this (out of the back of the stove to accommodate the initial rise). Is this too many bends?

Question 3): Right now the window well has a plastic cover on it, which I'm assuming will have to go. But I don't want to leave it uncovered as moisture could get into the well and cause problems. Any suggestions on what to cover it with?

Question 4): Where is the best place to buy parts? The install guys made it sound like I needed a specific type of pipe if I wanted to reuse the vent pipe I have, but to me it seems very standard and should work with any pipe? Am I off base here?

What else am I missing? The walls are cement, and I have a floor mat from the original install as well. Clearances should be a problem, though I want to make sure I go up far enough above grade in case we get some big snows.

I am a complete novice to this (I'm certain you can tell), but also am very handy and do lots of projects around the house. Any help would be very appreciated.


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Nov 30, 2019
Central Ohio
I only know the duravent pipe and tell you there are 2 types. One has a rope gasket at the joints the other has a rubber gasket. They are not interchangeable and the rope gasket type is only good for wood pellets. The rubber gasket type is for wood or multi fuel. Also, the type u use for a gas hot water heater is not for stoves. Hope this helps.
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Feb 5, 2009
In reference to your Question 4: You will need to know what brand of pipe you already have if you are planning to use it again; some brands can't be mixed with others because of the type of interlock configuration.
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