Help with stain Jotul F500

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Nov 4, 2018
Southeastern, Ct
Hi all, I’ve got a 4 year old Blue/Black enamel Jotul Oslo and when removing the top this year to replace the insulating blanket the lid gasket fell out. I replaced the gasket and used A.W Perkins stove and gasket cement when installing the new gasket. After waiting one hour I put the top on and lit a small fire. I heard a little sizzling and then noticed what looked like oil drip down the side of the stove from the back left corner. When the stove cooled I tried to clean it with hot soapy water, but it didn’t help at all. It’s driving me nuts but I’m not sure what kind of cleaners are acceptable. Any ideas? Can a solvent like break cleaner be used?



Feeling the Heat
Oct 5, 2022
Northern Alberta
Wd40? Rubbing alcohol? Just guessing here..

brake cleaner is a pretty strong solvent..Personally I would not start with that, although it probably wouldn't hurt anything. But I don't know.