Help - Wood Stove Newbie w/ Morso 1125

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New Member
Mar 17, 2021
Hi all,

I recently bought a home in Philly that has a Morso 1125 installed. I am new to wood stoves and from my heavy research yesterday, it seems I have a more vintage stove which isn't great for a newbie.

Either way, after blowing it my first two burns (poor flue control followed by unseasoned wood), I got a decent burn going today. I have a couple questions I was hoping people could help with.

1. I can not seem to get the door closed and lightly latched (which still allows for minor airflow via the handle and door crack) without my fire smoldering. It runs pretty good when I keep the door about an inch open. Is this just how to run with this stove or am I trying to shut the door before I have a good enough fire going?

For context, the fire I got going today I have 4 seasoned logs and 2 fire starters. Added 2-3 pieces of wood throughout a 3-4 hour burn. Started with everything opened, slowly moved flue airflow to 50% then ended at about 25% open on flue vendor. Door open and closing was trial and error with trying to close as much as possible without smoldering. Could not have success past about 1 inch open

2. I could not get past 250 degrees on my temp (see pic for where temp unit is). Is that because maybe I did not build the fire up enough? I jumped in with big logs and maybe if I had better kindling then slowly built the fire I would get higher temp?

3. Creosote risk.....the idea of a chimney fire scares the hell out of me and as an amatuer wood stove guy, I know I have burned some unseasoned wood as well as never broke 300 degrees and from what I understand, I need to get higher to burn off the creosote. 1. Advice for avoiding creostote and 2. how much of a risk is it....should I have my chimney cleaned soon? The unit is only a year old in terms of installation.

Sorry for the rambling - this is my first post but this community has already been incredible in helping me learn the ways.


Sounds like the "seasoned wood" is not fully seasoned and damp in the core. Take some of the thicker splits and split them in half. Then press the freshly exposed wood face up against your cheek. Does it feel cold and damp? if so, it needs more seasoning. Try mixing in some 2x4 cutoffs to see if that improves burning.

The other issue may be the flue system. When was it last cleaned? What floor is the stove located on?