Hi500 door issues

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Oct 10, 2023
I recently had an Hi500 installed, and while I love it once the fire is up and running, getting fires started is a major pain. The main issue seems to be the door/latch mechanism. Everything I've read suggest leaving the door closed 95% of the way when you first start your fire, but I have to sit by the fire manually holding the door with a precise amount of pressure. Too much and the gasket seals the door and the fire goes out. Too little pressure and smoke billows out into the living room. If I don't hold the handle the door just swings wide open.

Has anyone else encountered this issue? Surely regency could have designed a half-locking mechanism so the door doesn't need to be held in place for 15 minutes until the fire is going and the door can be closed.
It could be the draft is weak, or the wood is not fully seasoned. Is the insert connected to a 6" stainless liner all the way up to the top of the chimney? How tall is the liner? Draft can also be weak if there is negative pressure in the room. In that case, opening a nearby window an inch can make a notable improvement.
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The firewood is well seasoned and tested with a moisture meter. I suspect it may be a draft issue. The liner is 5.5”. Don’t know the length off hand but I’d say around 12–14 feet. I’ve tried it with and without an open window but it doesn’t seem to make a difference. Not sure what else to do at this point. It would be tolerable if I didn’t have to hold the door for an eternity. Anything I’m missing? Worth having the installer take a look?
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