High efficiency fireplace over firing

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New Member
Dec 6, 2021
New Jersey
Hi. I have a Osburn Stratford II ZC high efficiency fireplace. I am familiar with stoves, and the need to monitor the temperature of the unit to avoid over firing.
The manual for the Stratford II states that you can burn the fireplace with the doors fully open or fully closed. There is no warning in the manual about over firing the unit. My question is: is it not possible to over fire the unit with the doors closed or open? If it is possible to over fire, where would I put a thermometer on it to monitor temps?
I have a Flame Monaco which is pretty much the same stove with a different face plate. I would not consider running it with the doors open. That was in my manual too. It seems like the fire would get out of control but maybe the added air cooling the firebox and flue make up for it. I don't have enough guts to try it. It's not something I want anyhow- I want the smoke smell to stay on the other side of the doors.

My face place has more clearance above the door below the faceplate than yours does. I found a 2" magnetic thermometer which I can fit above a door about 1/3 in from the outer edge of the door. I measured various places with an IR thermometer to find the hottest parts on the assumption that I'd get the best data there.

There is no way to correlate it to readings from a flue or a normal stove though. I've had to go by trial and error. I asked SBI some questions including how to tell if the stove is too hot but while they answered many of my questions they did not answer that one.