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gpcollen1 Posted By gpcollen1, Jan 4, 2011 at 6:55 PM

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    Bought a Hitachi Lithium Ion 18V cordless drill [3.0 ah]. Worked great- great power and great battery life. While I was drilling a 1" hole in a 2x10, on an angle, the drill bound and cracked the drill casing near the trigger. Cracked it enough the drill was barely usable. I tried to still drill another hole and the thing cracked through completely.

    I called their service number and was informed I needed to drop it off at a 'service center' for it to be evaluated [Tibby's in Bethel CT]. The guy at Tibby's told me I needed a receipt. I told him no I did not, that i registered the product on line and that should be fine. He then questioned me on how it broke and when told, he told me they would not cover it. He thought that I dropped it off the house or something. i have no idea if the casing was already cracked or not but the first sign of an issue was when the drill bound up and cracked. I told him to just call them for authorization and see how it goes. A month later the still did not have authorization from Hitachi and said they were not getting back to him. I told him give it another try and, if nothing happens, I will be back to pick it up and get to the bottom of it with Hitachi. A month or more goes by and I had gotten used to using my old Dewalt or using tools that plug in. I finally call and he says, oh yeah, I had you in the pile to call - it is all done. He said he had to sweet talk them a bit but they paid for the repairs, about $95 for the $165 drill.

    I always Register products on line - I don't always keep receipts. The LI tools have lifetime warranty so apparently Hitachi stands by their product and warranty. A bit tough working through Tibby's and being out of the loop but it all worked out. I think 3 months total.

    Just figured I would share for DIYers with tools or looking to buy. I don't see many of the 3.0aH 18 V LI tools in the stores anymore but I do see the 1.5 aH. I think Hitachi may be going with slightly scaled down tools for homewoners but they all look pretty good.

    PS - I do have the sawzall and circ saw too. They work great but obviously battery hogs during heavy use.
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    The warranty on anything is only as good as the store you bought it from. Normally, I would say it's only as good as the company but I've noticed most companies accept every claim if the dealer is adamant and customer-supportive.


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