Hole in Napoleon 1450

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Dec 1, 2018
New York
Just found a small hole in the back left corner of my Napoleon 1450. The hole is where the bracket is welded for the heat shield not where the sides of the stove is welded together. The hole is in line with the baffle. Wondering if this is something for the EPA stove or something I can weld to cover.

Hole in Napoleon 1450 Hole in Napoleon 1450
Looks like a weld defect. The welder probably fell asleep, welded off the joint and burnt through and then failed to fill the hole.

You'll have to weld it up since the first guy didn't.
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How big hole? Can’t get a good sense of scale from the picture.
Not worth welding in my opinion that’s quite small. Odds are if I fire up my welder I’ll just make it bigger. any air it adds I don’t think would be vey noticeable. If I wanted to plug it I’d try a bit of gasket material.
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Looks like it's always been there. If it's a concern you could put a screw in it.
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