Home built in stove ash disposal

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White ash

New Member
Dec 4, 2021
Rural NJ
Here is my home built ash disposal pan so I can clean out ash/coals into the pan right inside the stove. And avoid all dust from getting in the house. Just wanted to share with you guys!

F9375E1A-D419-4235-A331-25A152C920DE.jpeg Home built in stove ash disposal
That looks great. There must be a plumber in your genes.
Nice! 👍
I've done my share of shoveling, so I got pretty good at minimizing ash dust in the room. I used a shallow pan, as you show there, but I had a small side-load door so it was hard to get a pan in there.
I only emptied ash when it was pretty cool outside, so that the draft was strong. Then I held the pan directly under the bottom of the door, got a shovel-full and placed the end of the shovel into the bottom of the pan. Then I'd tip the shovel up..the second the ash began to slide off into the pan, I'd draw the shovel back so that the ash was laid very gently into the bottom of the pan. Virtually no dust escapes using this method.
My present stove has a cast iron grate in the floor so all I do to dump the ash through into the pan is to run a poker through the ash bed a few times, and it falls through. Any coals worth saving don't fall through the grate, and any small ones that do remain in the ashpan below the stove so that heat isn't lost, as small as it may be.
I went stove-shopping with a friend, and saw that the Lopi Endeavor has an ash grate. Not sure how long ago they introduced that. .
I'm rather spoiled on the convenience of the feature now, to the point that it's one of the first things I look for in a stove candidate.

Home built in stove ash disposal