Home Depot has buy 4 or more ton 219.00 ea.


Nov 17, 2012
Central MA
Just picked up 4 ton Fireside Ultras ,Burned them last 2 years they worked fine. good heat a little ashy, good price for my area
I did the same thing. Purchased 4 tons from the Westfield MA Home Depot.
I saw Greene Supremes at the Rockland, MA Home Depot. They've had the Fireside Ultra the last couple of years. Wondering if anyone has any experience with Greene Supreme or if anyone has seen FSU's any closer to greater Boston or the south shore area?

green wood

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Aug 8, 2017
Local agway 209 a ton up to 4 tons...then goes to 200 5 ton or more Good pellots too , burned them last two seasons.