HomeGlo by Energex?


Apr 4, 2011
Moore Twsp., Pa

When I picked up my 2 tons of Energex this year, a few Home Glo by Energex were thrown in.
Are these any different than the "standard" pellets by Energex? They don't look any different...so...is this just a case of seasonal packaging/branding?


Minister of Fire
I didn't check the standard bags for BTU's. Though on their website, they rate them at 8500+ BTU's.

Oh well...guess I'll save these for the not-as-cold days. LOL
8500 BTUs is good heat. But I never saw a bag of pellets with only 8000 BTUs on the bag unless I read it wrong


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Nov 4, 2017
Belleville New York
Everyone should call these pellet companies and start complaining to them about their prices. The quality of most aren’t even good. I’ve had way more calls this year because of dirty pellets than last year.