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QandA Posted By QandA, May 23, 2002 at 2:20 PM

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    I purchased a quad 1200, and went to connect the 3-inch Simpson Dura vent pipe. the pipe rises vertically from the stove about 3 feet, makes a 90-degree turn, and dumps into a chimney. This is where the problem came in. I bought an adjustable pipe length, connected everything with silicone, and turned to stove on. It smoked where the pipe meets the stove, and there seemed to be smoke coming off the 90-degree elbow (I think this may have been the high-temp paint curing). The dealer told me to take the pipe apart, and connect to the stove using a stainless hose clamp, and not to use silicone on that connection. If I connect to the stove first, it will be hard to get the rest of the pipe together so that it mates with the fitting on the chimney outlet. I dunno, maybe I'm just venting (oh, bad pun). Does anyone have any words of wisdom?


    Go to your nearest Whitfield dealer and pick-up a 3" "Quick-Disconnect", Part # 12051500 for around $32.00. It is similar to the flange that is used to connect automobile headers to an exhaust pipe. You will need to silicone and screw the stove portion of the flange to the stove, and do the same with the vent portion secured and sealed to the vent. When you need to disconnect the stove from the pipe you simply separate the two gasketed flanges. You will need to check all other joints that were leaking and possibly reseal them with silicone and/or hi-temp aluminum tape.
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