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    Need help with installing a used Buck Stove. Chimney, floor protection, etc ?


    Things you must know:
    1. All woodstoves must be vented into an approved class "A" Chimney. This can be an approved masonry chimney- or a metal (usually double wall with insulation packed between the walls)- chimney. Stovepipe is only to be used inside the room to connect the stove to this chimney. The chimney must run up past the roof line of the home. If the house is single story- then you can go straight up with the pipe ...if it's two story- then out and up (this pipe is very expensive.
    2. Protection on the floor under the stove should be an approved stove pad- or some other non-combustible approved material. It should extend 12" from the side of the stove and 16" to 18" in front of any loading doors.
    3. The stove (unless specifically labeled differently) should be kept 36" away from combustible walls. This can be reduced by up to 50% or more by proper protection of the wall surfaces.

    We've put lots of new informational articles on the Main Info Page available though the link at the bottom of this page.

    Link: Article- How to install a wood stove
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