Hopper fire - 2 in a week


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Nov 22, 2019
I've been using a pellet stove for 10 years now, recently replaced a hearth focus 6039 to a 6041. Brand new unit using existing install (4" exhaust, fresh air intake, etc.) Never had an issue with the 6039. Now I've had two hopper fires in a week. The auger design is much different than the 6039, shorter auger. I don't understand what is happening. The unit is obviously clean, as it is brand new (i've put through maybe 12 bags), and the chimney is clean. Any insight here?
Thank you, Adam


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Nov 6, 2017
Lorraine NY
I can't see how the fire gets up the chute, down the auger into the hopper without a serious draft taking it there. has there been a miss fire and maybe a hot pot of pellets dumped back into the hopper.. I have seen 1 in a whitfield that was a blower failure and a hopper lid not sealed and it wrecked the stove never to be used again.