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    Hi. I have a question about our propane fireplace. It is a Fireplace Exrordinair model 36DV-AR and we have had it for about 3 years. When it was first installed and turned on for the first time it smoked quite a bit and smelled and we were told this is natural. However it still gives off the same distinct smell, although not nearly as strong, whenever we use it and it has not been used for a while. I thought the smell would eventually disappear but it hasn't. If we use the fireplace frequently we do not notice this, but when it is not used for a few days we get an odor. Can you tell me what we are smelling? It is definitely not propane it is more like the smell of hot metal that has oils or something on it. Thanks you for your time.


    In most cases, this is the smell of dust and other compounds from your home that are drawn around the unit and heated. For many folks it appears to happen anew at the beginning of each heating season. The best remedy is to run the unit full tilt for a number of hours while keeping the doors and windows open.

    If it continues after this, you should have it checked with a detector (called a combustible gas detector) which will at least assure you that there is no leakage of gas exhaust.
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