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QandA Posted By QandA, Aug 8, 2004 at 2:20 PM

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    Details: Vermont Castings WinterWarm insert- old flue is removed- flue plate installed with flex connector- but air is apparently getting past the plate as well as into the insert via the catalytic combustion chamber and out the thermo-controlled air intake into the living area and causing small draft as well as BAD soot smell (esp. when it rains or is foggy outside).


    Ah! Yes- a downdraft or reversing chimney. You are- of course- smelling the inside of your chimney. It is impossible to tighten up things enough so that no air flows thru.

    <p>Fireplace has only been used for two seasons- though I plan to get it chimney swept.

    Still- I can't imagine that that will fix the smell problem in its entirety.The solution is actually fairly easy..and it works. There is a product called Fireplace Deodorant which completely does away with the smell. It's made by Rutland and available at most hearth Shops.

    Cleaning the chimney, sealing the plate to the masonry with silicone, and covering the top of the chimney in the off-season may also help

    Link: Vermont Castings
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