How do i even out air flow and temp to 2nd floor

TacoBello Posted By TacoBello, Oct 7, 2008 at 2:02 AM

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    Heat n hvac gurus,
    I have a colonial house 24x36 with an addition above the garage 28x32 with cathedral ceilings. Is there any way i can increase the temp upstairs to the great room with additional vents within the chase? I tried portable fans at the base of "heat flow 2" zone, blowing towards the heated room and could not get it above 70 deg with the bedroom doors open from the heat zone #1 to Heat zone #2 up stairs to allow heat flow. any suggestion. All ears.
    I was thinking of some of these options:
    - vent from the combustion and convection intake of the pellet stove out to the second floor, creating de-pressurization and forcing more hot air up to Heat flow # 2
    - Vent a opening, with an electric fan inside, pull air above the Pellet stove heat source and blowing out to the other side of the chase into the great room.
    - leaving it alone and deal with the heat downstairs and run floor fans, blowing cold air from the bottom of the stair case to the heated room where the pellet stove resides.

    OBTW, I did notice the Heat flow #1 heat rises faster than the staircase in Heat zone #2. Puzzles me because the great room is colder and the opening is bigger than Heat zone #1.
    Heat rises and chases cold right ?

    here's my floor plan

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