how do you achieve air movement from one area to another?

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Feb 23, 2022
Champion, PA
Im struggling to get heat into the other parts of our cabin from our wood stove. Stove room is 650sqft cathedral ceiling. Entry into other part of the cabin is 5'w x 8'h only. I have tried a stand up fan in the entryway pointing into the stove room, and I have tried to point it into the other parts of the cabin.

I thought it might have something to do with operating a fireplace in the other part of the cabin, with the damper open. Or not operating it with the damper remaining open, but I closed the damper and didnt have a fire going in the fireplace, same result. Really hot stove room, cold everywhere else.

Stove room will be 76 degrees, next room over 66 degrees.

I considered putting vents with powered fans to take air from behind the stove area towards the other areas of the cabin. That really wouldnt take me too long although I hate crawling around under my cabin. I am concerned though that I would cause some sort of disruption with air intake of the stove or something along those lines.

What do you do to get air movement throughout your dwelling from your stove room?
Is there a ceiling fan or two in the stove room?
I don't know your stove, and your home, personally, since I put the rear shield on, convection has increased a lot
Ceiling fan in stove room, you can tell right away if you forgot to turn it on and you're in the room furthest from the stove.
What is the time frame this is happening in? Is this a weekend cabin where the heat still hasn’t made it all the way to the other parts of the cabin by the time to leave arrives, or is it that way after a full week there? Is thermal mass an issue with the construction ? Your doorway isn’t small. Is insulation the same all through the cabin? Is there more heatloss in the cold areas? Do you have a floor plan sketch?
We have a ceiling fan in there this year. It's made a huge difference in the feeling of warmth at the lower levels like even at the foot level.
Older area is 25x30 I believe with a large stone chimney in the middle.
Oil furnace that we bring the place up to about 67, then I shut it down once the stove is about 3 hours into it burn cycle.
The older area is likely poorly insulated to today's standards. It's over a crawlspace with full foundation walls as well. There are two other areas that are colder furthest from the stove room, but they have supplemental baseboard heat.
It doesnt seem to matter if we are there just for a day or so, or like recently we were there for 5 nights. The fireplace helps some, but it pains me to see my wife/kids chucking in pieces of nicely seasoned hardwoods every hour. I'm trying to find a place that has an insert on display with a good amount of visibility to convince my wife that the fireplace is a horrible use of firewood. She loves the fireplace and the large stone chimney though.
Have you done any air sealing? The fireplace is likely sucking a lot of that heated air up it. Is the old area an open floor plan?
Have you done any air sealing? The fireplace is likely sucking a lot of that heated air up it. Is the old area an open floor plan?
the old area is partially open on one side with cathedral ceiling and a ceiling fan. We've done some underneath/outside air sealing but the windows are really old although not original and double pane I have to seal around the trim. Eventually this area will be gutted, rewired, new insulation and then paneled with 3/4 planks.
I’d plastic those windows and caulk around them. I have the feeling you’re just losing a ton of heat in this area.

Blowing the cool air into the stove room will help, but if heat is being lost all over the place, it could easily be a losing battle where the negatives out way the inputs.
I second the plastic over the windows. I live in an old house, I do it every year, and it helps a LOT. Stops cold spots and drafts as best it can. My house leaks like Swiss cheese, so its an uphill battle, but it stays around 68 to 71 in my house.
Air seal, air seal, insulate. What is the temp of the floor over the crawl space?

The Drolet 1800i insert is decent and still the best value. DIY instal with insulated liner could be done for $2600. Has a fire screen option