How do you load your GM60 stove? Looking for pictures

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Oct 31, 2023
New Jersey
Looking to extend my burn times and I'm looking for some pictures of how you load your stoves up, particularly the catalytic combustion stoves. I have a hearthstone green mountain 60. I grew up with a fire place where you criss cross and want air to burn and I think I'm am still thinking that way and it is affecting my burn times.

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Pack it tight, like hot dogs in the package. To the roof.
Anyone have some pictures?
I know this thread is a couple weeks old but my wife and I are also trying to figure this out. We're going to let our fore doe out tonight because it is to be in the 40s overnight and currently our house is in the upper 70s, but next time we try to pack it for an overnight burn I'll take a picture and post it.

There it is, we'll see
Update: packed it at 9pm, got up this morning at 6am, so about 9 hours. I didn't really expect to have coals, and I didn't, but the stove still had a reasonable amount of heat, had a few embers, and the catalyst gauge was in the "inactive" zone, but not bottomed all the way out. Started a small fire with reasonably little problems and had it going pretty well when I left for work. I think tonight I will pack it a little more and see what happens. Could probably have shut it down a little sooner last night which would have helped.
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Didn't get a pic last night but packed it a little tighter and shut it back to just a crack on the air intake. Had good coals under ash this morning, raked them and put a piece of kindling on with 3 or 4 pieces. Been 45 minutes and already have a good hot fire.
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Sounds like you are getting it dialed in nicely.
Ive been able to get closer to the 3 to 3.5 hour burn times in-between reloads. Im fitting more wood each time, packing It tighter. still experimenting with the timing of the intake. If I lower it too soon it doesn't seem to take off and smolders some. Thank you for the pictures
This is with the bypass closed, air intake fully open before lowering approximately 30 minutes after loading it. As you can see, I still have some room to go up


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Definitely room for more. It was a little nerve racking at first, but the results are awesome in the morning.

Here's ours tonight, second pic is about a minute after I loaded it. I'll let it go for about 10 to 15 minutes before I shut it back. Please ignore the mess in front.

20231220_210214.jpg 20231220_210352.jpg
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