How hard is it to remove Quadrafire 4100i surround?

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Mar 25, 2009
Central MA
Basic question. I would like to remove the surround at some point so I can check out inside of the firebox, put in a block off plate, etc. How hard is it to remove the surround without damaging it? I'm guessing pretty easy, but the manual simply says to install it by slipping it over the insert and put the screws in.

But, it looks like the top of the stove actually sticks out to the sides, so I'm not sure if you have to slide it up and off, and if so, how with the side panels in the way?

Looking for someone who has hopefully done this and can explain it to me.

(Luckily, the stove top itself is only about 22" high and my opening is 31" high, which gives me 9" or so above the stove, so I've got a little room to maneuver without having to move the insert. ;-)
You slide it up. The edges might get a little scratched on the wings that stick out on the sides of the unit as you pointed out. Try to have someone push back in that area as its slid up to minimize the damage.
Ok, thanks.

I guess I just can't picture it. ;-)

How will it slide up past the top of the stove without pulling out on the side wings quite a bit?

Also, do I have to slide it totally up above the stove? I think it will hit my mantle if I have to slide it all the way up.

Or, does it slide up a little, then off the front?

Sorry for all the questions, but I think I'll get killed by the wife if I mess up the nice stove, so I don't want to mess it up... ;-)
I think it lifts all the way up so the sides can clear the parts of the stove that stick out. I don't normally install, I think I have only removed the panel on a 4100i once so I am not 100% sure on anything. I assume it is like all the other Quad panels.
Does your stove have the cast iron trimmed panel? Makes a big difference in weight, and thus ease of removal. I think this is best done with 2 men, (one could be the wife or one of the kids; it's bulky but not all that terribly heavy).
I think Jerry_NJ, (for example), has the much lighter plain steel surround, and might wonder why it would take so much effort to remove such an easy piece.
Anyway, it's not hard, but I've learned that QF doesn't typically match up nut/bolt holes well, and it therefore takes some finesse/persuasion/wiggle.

Give it a go; there's nothing to lose.
It must be my tiny brain, but I still can't wrap my head around it.

The top of the stove extends past the edge of the surround. (Also, yes, I have the cast Iron large size surround due to the opening size of my firebox.)

Underneath the stove top, on each side of the surround, there are two "flaps" (for lack of a better word) that are underneath the top lip of the stove, and are part of the surround, that bend in and that is where you attach the surround at the bottom.

I just can't see, without bending those flaps waaaaaay back, how you slide the surround up, because they will hit the lip of the top of the stove that they are under. Also, if I have to slide it all the way off the top of the stove, it will hit the mantle.

So, there has to be a way, once you get the flaps to clear the top, to only slide it upwards a little and then come forward with it, yes?

As I said, it's my tiny brain, and it is missing something key here... Maybe a few beers will help me figure it out (or just not care. ;-) ;-) )

And, thanks again everyone, I appreciate the feedback.
take the the door off it make sit much easier and slide the unit forward a bit lift straight up and tip forward and it will come off.
Ah, I was hoping to avoid moving the insert at all.

What you say makes sense though, but it seems silly to me that I would have to move the insert to simply inspect it.
Well.... if I have to move the insert to remove the surround, which needs to be removed in order to inspect the insert, it means I have to move the insert in order to inspect it, because apparently I cannot remove the surround without moving the insert, and the surround needs to be removed to inspect the insert . . . Whee, going in circles.

Again, thanks for all the feedback!
some one said moving it out a bit would make it easier, and that is true. However, you dont HAVE to move it to get the surround off. What you do have to do, is remove the two small screws on the bottom of the surround, and lift up. It will come off so you can inspect the installation. Two things that make the surround a bit easier to get off are:
Opening the door.
Schooching the insert out by a inch or so.
BOTH of these are options.
The top plate on the insert that sits right in front of the surround lifts off so that you only have to lift the surround by a couple of inches and then it will come straight toward you (if you are standing in front of the door). The side panels are attached to the top panel and all of the cast iron is attached also so the entire surround will come off in one piece. When I installed mine I could not get tabs on bottom of surround to match up with holes in stove so mine doesn't fasten.
Excellent, I think that's the piece I was missing (that the top plate comes off.)

Thanks very much again everyone!
you dont have to pull it out to take it off but it will be alot easier to get it away from the brick or stone and lift it up good luck. sorry if i was not clear about having to pull it out or not
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