How many other stoves have Thermostatically controls

elkimmeg Posted By elkimmeg, May 2, 2006 at 11:56 AM

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  1. elkimmeg

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    Is it the cat combustion or thermostatically controls that give these cat stoves the long even burn?
    For those who have never taken one apart, here is how it works. Just like the spring of your stove top thermometer
    control by a spring the Theromsatically control stoves has a similar spring. This spring is attached to the secondary air damper and a probe sensor in the Cat combustor chamber as it heats up it closes the secondary air damper as it cools it opens it to maintain higher heat production. Again one can also manually control the primary air inlet. My point its not just the cat but a combination with secondary air control that gives the longer even heat output. What other stoves employ this technology?


    To achieve greater efficiency, thermostatically controlled
    secondary air mixes with the smoke (which is unburned wood
    gases). This begins the secondary combustion process.
    3) Smoke passes through a catalytic combustor, which lowers the
    smoke’s burning temperature from 1,200 oF to 600 oF, and
    causes it to ignite. This secondary combustion turns that
    smoke into usable heat.
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    Had this on the original Resolute and really loved it. It worked great and made it much easier for my wife to regulate. There was only one slight flaw. When the temp was satisfied, the air intake damper would sometimes tap regularly like a nervous grandma when the damper chain went slack. The fix was easy. I put a very small magnet on it's edge and that way when it closed, it closed solid. Worked like a charm.
  3. fbelec

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    the older stoves had them also but it was controlling the primary air.
    i have a old vc defiant and a hearthstone 2 and they both have this feature. it great. set it and forget it.
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