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    As we consider which wood stove to purchase we are uncertain what size stove we need. We hope to make the stove our primary heat source. Our abode is about 1300 sq. feet with some of the bedrooms separated by doors in a hallway.

    Stove sq. foot recommendations cover homes of our size in this way. For some stoves our sq. foot is on the lower end of the stove's capability, and for some stoves 1300 sq. feet is towards the top of what a stove can accomplish.

    >Do we want to pick a stove where our sq. foot is close to the top, or nearer bottom, or center of the range?

    >i.e. do we want a stove that will heat 900-1350 sq. feet, or one that can do 1200-1800?


    There are many variables here. For instance, the climate where you live, the insulation in the home, layout of rooms, etc.

    Also, keep in mind that there is NO STANDARD that manufacturers have to follow when rating stove SQ FT heating. For instance, one stove may be rated for 1000 square feet and another for 1500 , yet both may actually be the same size.

    Bottom line, pay attention to what other friends of yours have and the advice of your dealer, chimney sweeps and other experts. In addition, compare stoves by looking at the size of their fireboxes...similar wood capacities usually mean the stoves are close in size.
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