How to clean exhaust pipe on Quadra Fire Classic Bay 1200 free standing stove

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Question is or can anyone give me instructions on cleaning out the exhaust pipe on my classic bay 1200 freestanding stove do I need to remove the exhaust blower and replace the gasket when I do or does it even have a gasket, help, I am currently unemployed and looking to save a buck or two, pictures, videos etc. would help....Thanks


What type of Vent do you have?? Is it horizontal? Vertical? Can you buy a brush and do it from the outside? Can you describe your vent set-up from your stove to the termination cap? (i.e.- 1 ft Horizontal, 90, 4 ft Vertical, 90, 3 ft Horizontal, Termination Cap... Or 4 ft Horizontal, Term Cap... Or 1 ft Horizontal, 90, 15 ft Vertical, Term Cap)

There is a clean-out on the lower RIGHT side of the stove. Open the lower right hand door. (4 Phillip's screws to remove clean-out plate) Clean that area back in there, vacuum really good. Then if you must clean your vent from the inside, and you do not have a clean-out T in your Vent set-up. Then you have 2 options.
1.- Is to pull the flue from the back of the stove. (Pull stove away from wall). This way you MUST use High Temp Silicone to seal the flue back to the stove. Unless you can simply twist (Simpson Duravent-Pellet Vent Pro Vent) a section off and clean from that point.
2.- Is to remove your Combustion Blower and Yes you will need a gasket. Can be had for less than $12-$10 in most cases. (Online or Dealers) Or an on-line dealer on this Forum. I dont think I can advertise for him. But I have bought one off of a dealer on this site.

Here is a thread I did on my annual cleaning.. I normally just clean the flue from outside with a brush and a leaf-blower. But when it comes time to shut it down for the year. I go all out and clean and lube everything Hope this helps
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