How to replace control panel#250-02622 , Lopi AGP freestanding pellet stove

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Nov 30, 2013
NORTHERN NY, Almost Canada.
Been running my Lopi AGP Stove since 2013 ,never had a problem besides a blower motor this year , The Control panel #250-02622, needs to be replaced now .and haven't found any info on how to do this , ,Have one ordered and any help would be welcome Thanks
I have rebuilt V8's. I removed the cover within the pellet bin and apparently, more sheet metal needs to be removed to get to this board. It;s NOT two screws and push on the connectors. Anybody had experience with this stove shutting down randomly on THERMOSTAT mode 1, 2 or 3. Just get the blinking red light and should have filed a warranty claim in year one. I bought a board, now, how to un-bury it and push on the Molex connectors. Thanks Pellet friends!!