How to use this grill/fireplace

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New Member
Apr 2, 2022

I have this fireplace on side and grill on the opposite side at the new house I bought but I'm not sure how to use it and if it's actually safe to use. I didn't find much on that online.
Any idea what model of fireplace is that and some tips on how to use it ?
( Note that the fire place has a rotisserie machine that is only attached on one end and not the other and there is an electric socket inside the fire place as well)

Are these two separate fireplaces? One looks like a masonry fireplace and the other one looks like a prefab.
These are two fireplaces using the same chimney. They are on opposite sides of the chimney.
Do they each have their own flue?
The "fireplace" on the rotisserie side looks more like an exhaust vent and not a working fireplace. It doesn't look like it has seen or is meant to have open fires in it. My main concern there would be grease collecting in the exhausting flue. This will take some investigation by a chimney pro to verify that this side has an independent ducting system. Maybe that is an exhaust fan switch and speed control for this? What happens if you turn it on? Is there a grease filter up above the lintel?

The other side looks like a prefab fireplace. Again, have a certified chimney sweep inspect and verify that it is safe and ready to burn in with an independent flue system.