Husky 288XPW dual port muffler mod

Thistle Posted By Thistle, Jul 28, 2012 at 5:07 PM

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    A couple weeks back at least 2 of the fine gents here replied to my question about getting a factory dual port muffler for my 288.Seen a couple NOS factory ones in the past year or two,way over priced for me.I even wondered taking it to local trusted saw shop & seeing what he'd charge to weld a small short tube on the outside of existing muffler.

    One of the guys told me to get a spare factory exhaust deflector,spark arrestor screen & 2 matching screws.And the other one mentioned I may have to turn the H screw on carb out a little,to richen the fuel,since it'll now run leaner & cooler w/ the dual port.Well I ordered the parts early last week,they came in late yesterday & I installed them this morning.Piece of cake.Saw runs even better than it did before,did exactly what was suggested.

    I dont remember either of your names,but I'll raise my glass to both of you in a hearty thanks!! >>

    Oh yeah.... here are the pics. Parts were a bit more than I expected,$30 & change,welll worth it IMO.Just used a single 25/64 twist drill for center hole,didnt want a slot or make it too big.No room on clutch side in front of existing port,installed it on left side.Peeled masking tape off after drilling,blew out muffler with air compressor,drew 2 lines on top cover with Sharpie,cut them out on bandsaw.Finally smoothing any fuzz or burrs with fine file & scrap of 120 grit abrasive belt.

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    Nice work thistle, looks very good. Wait till you bury the bar now, you'll smile. A C

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